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As it is the third school in District Mardan having Website and Online Data, which is an honour for our School.
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Government Primary School Haji Muhammad Killi Mardan
Government Primary School Haji Muhammad Killi Mardan
Haji Muhammad Killi Mardan, Pakistan
Contacts:  +923329853855, +923139416981, +92937236484

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Education For All

Mudasser Ahmad


“Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving society of today demands a lot from an individual."

The challenges in times ahead would be even greater. It is the responsibility of educational institutions to equip their students with requisite traits to successfully cope up with up coming challenges of personal and professional life.

"At The GPS Haji Muhammad Killi we recongnise this role and that’s why its not just scholastic achievement that is dear to us, we also focus on ‘character building’ of our students.

"While we assure you that we will do our best to provide your children a conducive environment at school, we expect parents to ensure supporting environment at home as well.”

Mudasser Ahmad

+923329853855, +923139416981


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